Paint Your Front Door a Contrasting Color

Painting the exterior of your home adds many benefits to your property that you likely don’t think about. For starters, a fresh coat of paint helps preserve your home’s siding and helps to hide minor blemishes to give your home a crisp, inviting curb appeal. If you paint the outside of your home, this also helps keep termites and other pests at bay.

Whether you are ready for a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home or you’ve recently painted and are pleased with the results, there’s one key focal point of your home you’ve missed that needs more attention: the front door. Slap a coat of paint on your front door to make it last longer – particularly if it’s a wooden door – or have this project done to give your home a little exterior charm.

Painting your front door an unexpectedly contrasting color has surprising benefits you’ll have to see to believe. Here are two reasons to talk to your painting contractor about contrasting paint colors for your front door.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Many homeowners want to increase their home’s value with a small project, and this is something that can be easily accomplished if you paint your front door. The average cost to paint a front door can be around $100 with an increase of up to $6,000 or more in home value should you choose to put your property on the market.

No matter what color the rest of your home is, if you stick with dark black or a similar shade – like slate gray or charcoal – your home’s value can be greatly impacted in a positive way.

Other colors can improve your home’s value as well by giving a charming curb appeal to your property. Your painting specialist will help you choose a tone in a color spectrum that complements the rest of your home without being too match-like.


Get an Instant Exterior Facelift

If you need a home project done quickly to add curb appeal or you just want to make a quick, noticeable upgrade, painting the front door a contrasting color to the rest of the house – such as goldenrod against dove gray siding – is the way to go.

This home painting project takes a day at most, and it requires little prep, so your painter is in and out without disturbing your day. The most time-consuming part of this task is likely choosing a paint color in the first place.

While painting your front door any color can help add curb appeal to your house, the most noticeable results are derived from choosing a surprising color that complements but doesn’t quite match the rest of your home’s color design. Don’t be afraid of an all-out color for your front door, especially if your house is already painted a neutral or lighter tone.

For example, if your home is painted a neutral, softer color, then select a door color that is bold and rich, like turquoise, eggplant, navy, hunter green, or even salmon pink. If your home’s exterior is brick or another natural material, select a door color in a soft mint, mocha brown, or cloudy gray.

For a home that is already painted a deep color, like maroon, navy, hunter green, or a rich yellow, stick to a soft dove white or soft toasted marshmallow color to break up the darker tones pleasantly.

Hiring a painting specialist is the best way to accomplish a front door color makeover. Your budget, personal taste, door style and condition, and overall home design will help your painter decide what colors will work best for your front door.

Our painting experts at Braendel Painting, Inc., will make your home’s color stand out – inside and out. Call us today for a free consultation.

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