5 Things You Should Do Before Your Interior Painter Arrives

Hiring someone to paint the interior of your home is a wise decision. A professional paint job can enhance the beauty and value of your home. It’s also the best option for busy families and for those who may have health limitations that make physical work difficult.

However, there are a few things you should do before your painter arrives to make your painting project a positive experience for everyone involved.

1. Be Knowledgeable of the Services Your Painter Provides

Don’t wait until your painting crew shows up to ask questions. Make sure to ask questions at your initial consultation or by contacting your painting company before they arrive. Misunderstandings can lead to delays in getting the work done and can end up costing you money if fees are charged per hour.

If you wish to clean your own walls prior to your painting crew arriving, you should discuss this with your painting company. Improperly cleaned walls can affect the outcome of the paint job. Most painters provide this service for you and may prefer to do the cleaning themselves to assure the best outcome.

Ask if your painter will supply drop cloths for covering furniture or if you need to supply these items. Inquire about their working hours and start and finish times so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

2. Test Your Paint Color in All Lighting Conditions

Be certain you are happy with your wall color before your painters begin your painting project. Test your paint color in several locations on your wall several days prior to your scheduled appointment. View the painting sample in both natural daylight and artificial lighting in the evening.

Color can change drastically depending upon the lighting in a room. Take note of how the appearance of the color changes with each type of lighting. Look for any unpleasant changes you may find unattractive and change the color if necessary.

3. Remove Pictures and Decorative Items

Allow adequate time to get your home ready for the arrival of your painters. Rushing around at the last minute while your painting crew is trying to get things set up can result in items being misplaced or damaged. Allow adequate time to prepare your home, preferably at least a day in advance.

Remove all items from walls and take down curtains. Move tabletop items to a closet or cabinet. Move houseplants outdoors to a patio or garage if possible. Secure doors on cabinets and furniture to prevent items from falling out when furniture is moved.

4. Move Furniture to the Middle of the Room

Moving all your furniture to the center of the room in advance will allow your painting crew to focus on the painting project when they arrive. Dust also accumulates under furniture that isn’t typically moved. Moving it yourself gives you time to vacuum and thoroughly clean the room, which can help prevent dust particles from floating onto freshly painted surfaces.

5. Make Arrangements for Pets and Children

Keep your pets and children safe by making arrangements for their care while your painting project is taking place. Paint fumes may be irritating to pets and children. It’s also best not to have children and pets in rooms where ladders and other equipment is in use due to safety measures.

Hiring a painting company to paint the interior of your home is a wise investment in the beauty and value of your home. It will also save you time and will take the pressure off of adding one more item to your personal to-do list. Contact Braendel Painting, Inc., to set up a consultation and obtain a free estimate regarding your interior painting project.

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